Christine Hooper

Whether you like your humour anarchic or your anarchy humorous, we’re pretty sure that  Christine Hooper will be your new favourite animator.    

Where do you find inspiration online? 

In a period of procrastination at work I stumbled across which has an amazing array of weird websites to browse and get your imagination going.  For the more bookish moments I love, an American radio show which covers a different theme each week - the episode about living with tinnitus (Living Without Episode:256) influenced my ideas in the sound design for my graduation film, 'On Loop'.  

Describe your workspace to us. 

I am currently working at a sun kissed desk in a jolly studio in Dalston.  Quite a pleasant change from the previous year spent cooped up in a dank basement at the Royal College of Art or within a bedroom set lit to feel like 4 o'clock in the morning.  

What's the most rock’n’roll thing you've done?

Eaten a Chewit with the wrapper on.  

What's your most invaluable piece of kit? 

Glue gun and chocolate brioche: one stops things moving so I can animate, the other keeps me moving so I can animate. 

If you weren’t an animator, what would you be?

My seven year old dream was to be a puppeteer for Jim Henson.  I often attempted to cobble together puppets as a kid.  I really admire the way his characters can appeal to all, regardless of age.  

What are you working on right now?

Whilst at the RCA I wrote my dissertation about what animation can add to documentary that live action can't. I am currently working on some film ideas to explore this research practically. 

What's been the best and worst reactions to your work? 

'That looks a bit crap', RCA staff member.
'It's the best thing I've ever seen', my niece Kitty, aged 8. 

Who are you heroes? 

Michel Gondry, Jim Henson, Amy Poehler. 

Describe your work in three words. 

Multicoloured mirthful musings.