Alicia Galer

Artist and textile designer Alicia Galer creates delicate, considered images that display an enviable lightness of touch...

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Botanical Art works, 2013

Describe your work in three words...
Instinctive, expressive, yet reductive.

Where did you study, and how did that experience shape your practice?
I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern at Leeds College of Art. There was so much focus on drawing, which I loved, and I developed more of a process. It was really encouraged to look to different disciplines to feed into your work, which I continue to do now.

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Botanical Art works, 2013

How would you describe your working process, and what are your tools of the trade?
It depends on what I am working on, to some extent. I have been working for a textile design studio for the past couple of years which has been really fun- drawing things I wouldn't normally look at and drawing in completely different ways, also learning how to use Photoshop in the best way for my work.

My work always starts with at least one beautiful or interesting thing I have come across, which I will draw from, and then I go through a process of drawing from my drawings, and analysing my initial mark-making and often simplifying. Sometimes if I have a drawing block, or haven't drawn in a while, then I will have to go back to basics and draw very literally in pencil and then break it down to finally create something I like. My staple drawing materials are oil pastels, pro-marker pens, colouring pencils and acrylic.

What draws you to the subject matter you explore in your work?
Light, colour and form.

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House of Plants illustrations, 2016

Tell us about a favourite recent project...
I recently completed a project with Be-poles, a Paris and New York based Studio, and they were great to work with. Another recent project was illustrating for House of Plants; it was my first book illustration project and it was such a nice book to be a part of. The whole book is beautiful and really useful for learning how to care for your plants. 

Where do you look for inspiration?
A trip to somewhere new is normally a trigger for a new project. Generally though I look to fashion, interiors and graphic design, which in some way feed into my work. Even photography as well-at the moment I am obsessed with the colours in Viviane Sassen's photography.

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Part of Art Project with Be-poles, 2017

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Other/Shop collaboration, Spring/Summer 2014

What would be your dream project?
Thats a tough question—I don't have any fixed ideas of what I want in the future. I would love to collaborate with a fashion or interiors brand on a collection. It was fantastic working with the OTHER/shop on prints for clothing when I finished studying. Now I have more experience though, I would love to do something like that again.

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Personal project, 2016

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Print, coming soon to Triangle Store

What are you working on right now, and what's next for you?
I am working on a new collection of prints—I have been working closely with Triangle Store for a number of years now, and am finalising some new pieces for this season for them. I’ve also been working on art prints for a new online print shop launching soon, called Tide.  Alongside this, I have recently been working on a with some lovely chaps that I know from Leeds, Art Department, and with Aaron Skipper on some art work.

Next, I am not sure—I’ll continue working on my personal work alongside commissions, which is still quite new to me. Until recently I was working in a textile design studio part of the week, so now I have more time to explore different avenues and take on different styles of project. I am eager to develop more of a knowledge of graphic design; having worked on some projects with art directors and graphic designers recently, I would like to push that interest a bit more and maybe do a short course.