Adrien Duchateau

Clear, direct communication defines the style of this Belgian designer, who, with his slick yet friendly food packaging projects, aims to make his audience hungry for more.

Describe your approach as a designer.

I see my work as a graphic designer like a hobby. Since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated by logos, posters, illustrations and, more recently, websites. Now I always try to represent the ideas of the client the best I can. This is the hardest thing to do. Most of the time the client has an idea for their logo but can't explain or represent it. Making these ideas real is quite difficult and I am still learning. Trying to be unique and original is also my focus – there are so many graphic designers out there. You really have to do everything possible to be the best (and I am still far from it).

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Albulm artwork for Stereoclip, Adrien Duchateau, 2014

What was the concept behind your recent work for Taiga?

I developed this identity while I was working at the award-wining agency McArnolds last year. The clients wanted to give the brand a mystic and high quality feel. The company builds things with wood, so we decided to draw an axe for its logo. Not that original you might say, but it is easily recognisable and has a great impact. We created a font which seems as though its been cut with an axe.

You’ve worked on a few food and drink-related projects. What is the best and worst things about working in this sector?

I love working in this area. It's really cool to make people hungry with a design. This is my first focus – to inspire people to eat. The best thing is when your client has gorgeous pictures of their products. Half of the job is done; it's immediately really inspiring. The worst thing is when the client has taken the photography with his or her old phone. You know the project is gonna be long and painful.

Tell us about another project that you’ve worked on recently that you particularly enjoyed.

I am currently working on a social network design for mobile – it's definitely the most exciting project I've been involved in so far. I am working on this app with three friends. I think the app is really promising, although I can't reveal the concept just yet. After a year of development, it will finally be out at the end of May. The name is Judg – be ready to download it.