Letting Rip

Collage has become something of a way of life for Manchester duo DR.ME. Here partner Mark Edwards talks us through five top cut and paste protagonists from the pair's brand new book Cut That Out.

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Collage today is a very broad term and can no longer be considered simply cut-and-paste. It can encompass assemblage, photomontage, mixed-media installation, digital manipulation or painting. More and more creatives are combining various media and methods in search of something that has never been seen before:…

Damien Tran

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DAMIEN TRAN: POSTER FOR OPA, BLACK HEINO AT WEAT GERMANY. Hand-cut collage and screen print, 2013

Damien’s work is always highly experimental and each piece normally goes through the screen printing process giving it a consistently stunning and highly unique outcome.

Ronny Hunger

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RONNY HUNGER: POSTER FOR NO AGE GIG at Palace St. Gallen. Handmade collage, 2013

The work Ronny creates is beautifully constructed with fantastic consideration of abstract imagery collaged together with contrasting vector shapes.

Linda Linko

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LINDA LINKO: POSTER FOR DAPHNI at Red Bull Music Academy. Hand-cut collage and ink, 2014

Linda’s style of collage has a fascinatingly haphazard outcome each time the work that she creates is - I think - one of the harder ways of creating collage.

Steve Hockett

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STEVE HOCKETT: POSTER FOR FÖLLAKZOID at Soup Kitchen. Digital and handmade collage, 2015

Steve’s work has a gloriously playful feel which is born through experimentation utilising varying media to create work that is both loose and exceptionally well executed.

Matthew Craven

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Combining handmade pattern, vibrant colours and carefully selected images of ancient sculpture makes Matt’s work some of my favourite from the book.

Cut That Out by DR.ME is published by Thames & Hudson on 25 August, and we have three copies to give away to three lucky Grafik readers. To be in with a chance of winning, just send an email to giveaway@grafik.net with 'Collage' in the subject line, telling us the year that DR.ME was formed. Deadline is Monday 29 August and you can find the answer here.

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