Land Lover

A fascinating new photography project by Ivan Jones, Landform features some of the most exquisite and mysterious landscapes shot on his travels around the UK and beyond.

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Aside from working as a portrait photographer, personal projects are also an important element to my work and Landform (a photography gallery and print shop) has been developing in the background for several years.

I approach my landscape photography in an unforced natural way. I often aim to create something more contemplative than vast dramatic panoramas, by extracting more intimate elements from a much larger landscape. Luck can be a major factor when you are working with the environment and when an opportunity shows its face for a brief moment and everything comes together by chance, it can be an extraordinary experience.

There is no indication of where or when the photography was taken – Landform is a composite of many different times and places forming one ongoing body of work. The following selection is a snapshot taken from the Landform homepage which illustrates my love for constant form and chance occurrence, and how this can happen when you least expect it.

The print shop plays an important role by sharing the work and financing the project and ensuring its further development. All of the prices are set at a low introductory rate which changes with the edition and print size. For example, the large prints run in an edition of ten and the small prints run in an edition of 200, which allows the work to be accessible to both collectors and private buyers.The project will eventually take its own direction as the work develops, which is why it runs under a project name –  to encourage closely-related spin-offs, collaborations and publications.

Landform is a photographic journey, diary and platform which I hope other people can connect with and follow as it progresses.


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The rolling cloud was taken in between two planned locations for that morning. I could see a massive cloud to my left in vivid contrast to a bright blue sky to my right, which was perfect timing to stop and get ready for the cloud to come closer. If I am working within such a large space where the weather is changing fast, I choose a spot and stick to it. I also often isolate objects within a much wider open frame, such as the boat in the Vårtland series, so choosing the pylon as a central focus point made all the elements come together perfectly.


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I was in a location very early in the morning hoping for a specific light which did not happen, as the sky was a sea of grey. A collection of birds appeared directly in my line of view whilst setting up a different photograph, so I waited for them to get out of the way and noticed them starting to form a ‘V.’ They were a bit slow to get started, which gave me time to wait for them to be directly over the L-shape mimicking the rock underneath. It was one of those moments where you have to wait until you get back to the studio before you can see for sure everything is in its place.


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I was taken by the contrast of lush greenery and grey rock of this mountain, but it was flat with overcast shadow. Weather can change quickly if it isn’t cloudless, so I stuck it out and waited. Over thirty minutes the cloud started to break up – the sun seeping through the gaps created spotlights bringing the shape and colour to life, while the angle of the clouds accentuated the slope of the eroded cliff. It all came together transforming the mountain for enough time to work with.


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I chose this image because it is one of my favourite photographs. I could see the strange formation in the distance, so I sat in a wintery storm ( I take a small pop-up tent ) waiting for it to pass so I could walk closer inland off the beaten track. The storm passed and just enough light appeared to enhance the snow on the rock. I am not always that lucky.


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When I arrived at this location it was a bit grim and I was staying the night to give me a full day walking in the area, but after a few over priced drinks sat underneath shoddily stuffed foxes and ferrets I figured it would be ok. Next day, the weather was like swapping a shower unit for a heat lamp every ten minutes, but as I got higher and closer I could make out the steam drifting through the peaks. I would have enjoyed photographing this terrain in any weather but this was a pure gift.

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