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Designer Jim Sutherland has teamed up printer Kelvyn Laurence Smith to form Sutherl&Smith – and the latest of their exquisite typographic editions Eeormoo? is out now.

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Jim Sutherland and Kelvyn Laurence Smith (aka Mr Smith) have been collaborating on various typographic ideas over the past few years, and now all their efforts can be seen in one place, on their brand new Sutherl&Smith website.

The talented pair's latest project is a charming children's book with a difference. Described as “A menagerie of wishful thinking,” it features a series of rhymes about animals who wish they were something else, such as ”the pig who wished to bee” and ”the lion who wanted to swing.“ Things end on a jolly note with a cow that's just happy being a cow. As you'd expect, it's beautifully designed and printed with some very cute woodblock animal illustrations by Rebecca Sutherland. Although it's aimed at children, it's a book which is sure to appeal to readers of all ages.

Eeormoo? comes in a limited edition of 1000, and there are also prints to accompany the book. All of Sutherl&Smith's projects are designed, set and printed' in Mr Smith's letterpress workshop in Kennington, London.

Find out more (and order your copy) at

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