Odds + Sods

In Neal from Present & Correct's last column for Grafik, he raids the metaphorical drawer of shame to bring you one final dose of stationery inspired miscellanea.

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Elizabeth Duffy

We Make Carpets are an incredible collective from the Netherlands who make carpets, of all scales, from whatever they fancy. It goes without saying that their stationery efforts really caught our eye. Paperclip stair runner? Amazing.


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You may remember Marcius Galan from our Erasers special, well he also does a mean trick with a push pin and an office label. 1000s of them are meticulously arranged to create lines and gradients over walls


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Finnish designer and artist Marianne Viero takes those sticky dotes we see in office stores and arranges them into neat patterns based on colour pairings and grids. It’s a simple premise with a satisfying result, visiting an idea we have all toyed with though usually whilst on a conference call.


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Using the same medium, Na Kim ends up with very different results. On her site you can find several pieces inspired and utilising office labels, we especially like her type experimentation and font based on readily available stickers.


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Do people still use hole reinforcements? Elizabeth Duffy certainly does. She folds them and creates beautiful, lace like structures which have no place in an A4 binder at all.


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Chalk bored? Brazilian artist Ana Dias Batista uses sticks of chalk as if they were pixels, arranging them in their boxes to create splendid patterns and words.


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Turning staplers into a something elegant and organic is no mean feat, Alison Foshee layers up hundreds of those wire blighters to form plant like shapes and patterns.


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Read Neal's previous pieces here, and don't forget to head over to Present & Correct or visit his shop in London EC1R for loads more excellent stationery-based goodness...