By You

British designer Alex Swain of ByAlex is known for his minimalist, quality conscious approach to design. Here's your chance to win one of his famous A-Stools and his fun new product, SPOT card.

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By Alex's SPOT cards are simple in construction but allow for some interesting designs

You've been a professional designer for over fifteen years. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I started working for a communications agency in London just after leaving art school in Bournemouth. It was an exciting time to get into the deign industry as the technology was developing fast, the first iPod had just been launched and Google was the new kid on the block. I worked as a graphic and digital designers for four years and gained some great experience working with larger brands. My love of typography and product stems from these early years in my career. I learnt about design research and developing concepts whilst studying a Masters degree at LCC under the leadership of Russell Bestley and Paul McNeil - both were a huge inspiration to my work today.

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ByAlex SPOT Card – who knew you could say so much with circles?

Tell us about SPOT cards.

As a designer I am always looking for new things and noticed that card design was always fixed - I liked the idea of developing a card to allow anyone to make their own designs. The perorated SPOT idea came from an archive box I made which had a large circle punched out of the side to allow for a labelling of the box, whilst stored on a book shelf. I’ve always been interested in the simple forms like a circle, square and triangle after a MA project asked us to work with a single shape over a three-month period. I was given a circle and explored the shape through multiple ideas - I discovered a circle can do many playful things including the use in the SPOT card grid.

Do you have plans to expand the range?

The archive box has been fully developed using GF Smith Colourplan so I would love to get this into production very soon to accompany the SPOT card, from there the range could have a notebook with a personalised SPOT grid cover. The SPOT concept is open to development and collaborations though so let’s see what else comes naturally - a poster exhibition could be fun!

For your chance to win some SPOT cards for, and also a ByAlex A Stool, head to Alex's website for the details about our exclusiv eGrafik x ByAlex giveaway. You'll even get the chance to try out your own SPOT card designs...

Find out more about ByAlex here