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A6 BOOKS is a project by the London Centre for Book Arts that aims to provide artists and designers with a platform from which to sell their own zines and small publications—and they're open for submissions now...

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What Is Nature Study, by Esther McManus.

If you've got a zine or small publication in the works, you'll want to take a look at A6 BOOKS. The project, which launched this spring, offers artists and designers a platform from which to distribute their zine and book-based works, with the only criteria being that the work must be A6 in size, or 105 x 148mm. With an open and inclusive attitude towards the submission process, it promises to celebrate the diversity and creativity within contemporary book arts, and give self-published projects and emerging artists the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience that might otherwise have proven difficult to access. 

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Come and Take Choice: Portsmouth Libraries 1970-2016, by Pamela Mortimer.

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Can You Feel It: Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary, by Freek Lomme.

A6 BOOKS is run by the London Centre for Book Arts, who have been operating their artist-run, open-access studio in Hackney Wick since 2012 and have made it their mission to foster and promote artist-led publishing in the UK. "We launched A6 BOOKS at Offprint at Tate Modern in May this year." explains Ira Yonemura, who runs the LCBA together with Simon Goode. "We started A6 with the aim of helping to promote and distribute books, zines and publications by emerging artists—to create a distribution point for independent and often self-published works that would otherwise have a hard time getting into circulation. We had Printed Matter's open-submission progamme in mind, and adapted it so that we could still manage the work involved within our small organisation. The identity was done by our Hackney Wick neighbours and studio members Studio Bergini (Francesco Corsini & Kristian Hjorth Berge)."

The books and zines accepted by A6 BOOKS will go on to be sold in their online shop, at the LCBA itself, and at artist book fairs the world over. So far, their selection includes a fascinating range of small publications from artists and designers including Freek Lomme, Sam Whetton and Esther McManus. If you'd like to add your own book or zine to the roster, submissions are open now—read more about the guidelines, and how to apply, over on the A6 BOOKS website. And keep an eye out for their stand at an event near you: "We plan to take A6 BOOKS to local and international book fairs," Yonemura tells us, "including the upcoming London Artist's Book Fair in July and the Chicago Art Book Fair in November."


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Wookey Hole Cave Creche, by Daniel Lehan.

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Wookey Hole Cave Creche, by Daniel Lehan.

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What Is Nature Study, by Esther McManus.

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Love is Real: Five pieces of John Maus fan fiction by Susan V. Sappe. Zine by Sam Whetton.