Unbelievable Truth

Grafik favourites Richard Hogg, and Roger and Anna of Crispin Finn have got together to create a new show on the South Coast consisting of illustrations of fifty amazing facts.

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Well I Never! is the result of a project which first started over three years ago as a series of texts between old friends Crispin Finn and Richard Hogg. Almost a year ago, the trio decided to start illustrating these incredible facts, and the results can be seen in a new show in Richard Hogg's home town of Hastings. It's the first time the fascinating collection of illustrated facts (which both parties hope to make into a book) has been shown anywhere. The workload was shared pretty evenly between Crsipin Finn and Richard Hogg, so you can have fun trying to guess who did what. The show runs at the highly recommended Crown in Hastings from 1 December to 31 January 2017.


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Well I Never! by Crispin Finn and Richard Hogg
The Crown
64-66 All Saints' Street
Hastings TN34 3BN