Type Writers

TypeNotes, a new magazine from Fontsmith that's just launched to mark the foundry's 20th birthday, promises to be a beautifully-produced love letter to letterforms...  

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We're always excited to hear of the launch of a new printed design magazine, so the news that London-based foundry Fontsmith would be bringing out its own type-focused mag this spring was music to our ears. Launched on Friday, TypeNotes promises to cater both to type nerds and general readers alike, presenting a broad range of articles, photo-essays and features focusing on everything from the nuances of the type-drawing process to design treasures from the golden years of the Madison Avenue advertising trade. Issue one includes contributions from Lance Wyman, Craig Oldham, APFEL, Hey Studio and Why Not Associates, among others.

Designed by The Counter Press and printed on Fedrigoni paper, TypeNotes Issue one is out now and available to purchase from the Fontsmith shop—each copy comes with a smart poster of typographic terms designed by Believe In.

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