Thought Patterns

A new journal publication from Patternity explores the philosophy of pattern, and considers the positive impact that creative thinking and observation can have on your state of mind...

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Since 2009, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of Patternity have been exploring pattern from every angle—beginning with a blog-based image archive, they have expanded their remit over subsequent years to build a practice that now encompasses research and consultancy, a creative studio, events and educational activities and occasional forays into surface, object and apparel design. The pair made their first venture into publishing in 2015 with Patternity: A New Way of Seeing, a collection of images and essays exploring how pattern can impact upon the ways we see the world.

Their second book, Be Great, Be Grateful, has just been published by Ebury Press, and takes their pattern-based enquiry in a different direction. It takes the form of a creative journal, focusing on the philosophy of pattern, and exploring how engaging with patterns can have a positive impact on daily life and overall wellbeing, both literally and in a more abstract sense. The patterns discussed here are not only visual and physical but also conceptual: habits and practices, thought patterns, relationships, and examples to work from and live by. Interspersed with beautiful visual examples from the Patternity archive, the flexi-bound book encourages readers to consider how different patterns can change their perspective and encourage positive change.

Be Great, Be Grateful is out now, published by Ebury Press.

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