Story Time

Beautiful printing, sparkling ideas and imaginative paper engineering – this independent French publisher is making children's books that grown-up readers will covet...

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Paris-based publisher Editions du Livre specialises in books that explore the tactile and physical properties of the book. Its two latest projects are collaborations with designers and, though aimed at kids, these are books that grown-ups will be tempted to keep for their own bookshelves.

Dans la Lune (“The whole of the moon") by Fanette Mellier illustrates lunar phases day by day, which is fascinating enough. But print enthusiasts may also find themselves marvelling at the production – it is printed using eight Pantone colours and the cover is embossed with a metallic blue foil. 

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Dots, Lines and Colours is a clever series of three books by graphic designer Antonio Ladrillo , each using the same dynamic system of cuts and fold to create a beautifully visual and three-dimensional element to handling and reading a book – bound to broaden readers' minds about what a book can be.