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Fans of illustrator Jonny Hannah should head over to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for his exuberant and very personal pop-up homage to the High Street.

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In the latest of its series of illustration-led exhibitions (previous subjects have included Rob Ryan and Mark Hearld) the Yorkshire Sculpture Park plays host to Jonny Hannah's tribute to the High Streets of the past. Hannah has designed a series of three pop-up shops (which include a record shop and a junk shop) which he has created entirely from his own two- and three- dimensional pieces.

In addition to the usual range of merchandise (mugs, notebooks etc), a new limited edition book Fast Cars and Ukuleles: A Jonny Hannah A to Z will be published by Norwich's excellent Mainstone Press. Also to coincide with the exhibition, there's a limited edition CD Songs from the Mermaid Café Jukebox, curated and packaged by Jonny Hannah with St Jude’s, which is issued under their Random Spectacular imprint. And if that wasn't enough to tempt you, Hannah has also created Heavy Wool Products Come to McVouty’s (a limited edition screenprint printed at the Penfold Press in Selby), and a collection of small hand-painted wooden ukuleles. These products can be purchased in the YSP's online shop, with limited exhibits from the show available to purchase afterwards – Grafik's got its eye on this rather splendid Brel-O-Tone record player.

The ukelele theme continues with a special alternative Valentine's cabaret evening on 13 February with Jonny, his ukelele and a selection of his friends, with everything from the menus to the beer bottles designed by the artist himself. And while you're there, look out for more exciting shows at the YSP, including Bob and Roberta Smith (until 03 Jan 2016) and Bill Viola (until 10 April 2016).

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Jonny Hannah, Guitar, 2015.

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Jonny Hannah, Heavy Wool Products Come to McVouty’s, 2015.

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Jonny Hannah, The Cullen Skink Fishmongery Sign.

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Jonny Hannah, Mermaid, 2015.

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Jonny Hannah, McVouty’s, 2015.

Johnny Hannah: Main Street
14 November - 28 February 2016
Yorkshire Sculpture Park Centre