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Get a step closer to turning your magazine-making dreams into a reality with MagCulture's one-day publishing masterclass, The Flatplan. 

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It's been said, "everyone has a novel in them" – the updated version might be "everyone's got a magazine in them". With the creative blossoming of the independent magazine scene over the last five-to-ten years, the new way people seek out, buy and read magazines, it certainly feels more possible than ever to turn a magaine-shaped lightbulb moment into a living, breathing printed reality that turns up on the mag racks at regular intervals. 

But despite the opening up of the industry, magazine-making and selling is still a tricky business. So expert insight and advice is always welcome. Big guns of the independent magazine scene in London MagCulture, come to the rescue with a one-day masterclass in the art of magazine-making, featuring talks from a range of magazine makers, including Grafik's own Angharad Lewis (author of So You Want to Publish A Magazine?). She will appear alongside Danielle Pender (Riposte), Simon Esterson (Eye), Kirsten Algera (MacGuffin), Alison Branch (Park Communications), Sasha Simic (Central Books) and MagCulture's Jeremy Leslie for an intimate day of talk, tuition and tips. 

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MacGuffin Magazine

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Riposte Magazine

The day is aimed at anyone with a real ambition to take an idea from notebook to finished product, with guidance about all aspects of creating a magazine from developing your idea and making it unique; to design and editing insight; to selling and promoting your publication. What could otherwise be a daunting and complicated process will be demystified and discussed. 

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So You Want to Publish a Magazine by Angharad Lewis

As well as general entry tickets (see below), three special FREE places are on offer for students and under-23s. To apply for one of these places, send a brief outline (no more than a single A4 sheet) of your magazine idea to:, with the subject line ‘Flatplan u23’. The magCulture team will select the three best ideas. The deadline for submissions is Friday 9 March.

The Flatplan
10am-5pm, Saturday 14 April 2018
Tickets £150 Available here

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