Learning Letters

Promising practical, fun and creative workshops, Better Letters has announced its latest series of workshops in Europe and the USA in which you can get to grips with hand-crafted lettering.

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Mike Meyer workshop, Bologna, 2014

Better Letters, a project set up by Sam Roberts, the man behind the Ghostsigns blog and tours, has announced a series of workshops on the art of signpainting and hand-lettering. Experiencing something of a renaissance, hand-lettering is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect to those who want to learn how to do things the old fashioned way – and get away from the computer for a bit.

There are eight workshops happening across Europe, alongside one in America, the majority of which will be run by talented American sign painter Mike Meyer, who describes himself as someone from the ‘old school’ who wants to share with people how things were done before computers. Two further workshops will be run by the Wales-based sign writer David Kynaston, who promises to help students develop a more classical style of hand lettering.

Occurring in Mazeppa (Minnesota), Amsterdam, Nottingham, London, Zurich, Munich and Berlin, all workshops will operate over two days and, with the exception of two of the Amsterdam workshops and the one in Berlin, all are open to complete beginners and those looking to improve on existing skills.


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Mike Meyer workshop, Bologna, 2014

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Mike Meyer workshop, Paris, 2014

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Mike Meyer workshop, Bologna, 2014

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Mike Meyer workshop, Amsterdam, 2014

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David Kynaston Lettering, 2014

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David Kynaston Workshop, 2014

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David Kynaston Workshop, 2014