Hot Stuff

Ditto Press opens its new gallery space in London’s De Beauvoir with a sizzling exhibition of Ewen Spencer’s photographs of young Americans on Spring break.

Documenting youth culture is something that photographer Ewen Spencer has honed to perfection.  In his student years he began capturing the Northern Soul scene, later focusing on Grime and its glitzier cousin UK Garage with a sense of narrative and aesthetic edge that led to commissions from a number of leading fashion magazines. Whether its a furtive glance around a packed club to scan who’s checking out your new threads or a bored daydream mid-snog, Spencer’s images always seem to capture moments that you can recognise from your own salad days. Plus, his subjects always look gorgeous. 

His latest exhibition, hosted at Ditto Press’ new gallery and studio in London, celebrates the young and beautiful of Miami as they navigate their annual period of hedonism – Spring break. The show correlates with the release of Guapamente: Miami, the third issue in a series of magazine-style photobooks that document the look and behaviour of global youth cultures. Published by ES Books and We Folk and designed by Berlin studio Yukiko, Guapamente #3 joins issues dedicated to Naples and Marseille – two cities where the scenes of teenage escapism are at odds with the country’s traditional values. 

Guapamente: Miami
4th July – 7th July
Ditto, 4 Benyon Road, London