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A poetic exercise in six-colour printing — illustrator Fanette Mellier and independent press Editions du Livre deliver a real blinder with new book Au Soleil

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In act two of the collectible publishing project, which brought us In the Moon, French illustrator Fanette Mellier has teamed up with Editions du Livre once again to bring us her visual homage to the sun, Au Soleil.

A superbly simple concept, each page of Au Soleil is an exquisitely printed image of that diurnal orb in a different stage of its cycle. The concept is basically an excuse for a no-holds-barred colour-fest, a chromatic exploration in print.

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Fans and collectors of French graphic artist Mellier's work will recognise her customary sensitivity to materials and bold graphic sensibilities in this latest book project. Au Soleil echoes the format of its sister book about the moon, and features a foil-block printed cover and superb production. Each masterfully printed page uses layers of colour to suggest the rainbow-like halos created by the sun's light against the sky. 

Small independent publisher Editions du Livre specialises in artist-designed books for children, but this is definitely one for the 'big kid' bibliophiles too. 

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