Great Outdoors

A new exhibition from Jean Jullien transforms the entire city of Cremona in Italy into a huge outdoor gallery, reflecting the surroundings with cheeky parallels.

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Affiche: Jean Jullien, Spazio Tapirulan, 2015

Even in the most idyllic of settings, advertising is all-pervasive. But a recent exhibition in Cremona in Italy has used the ubiquity of billboards to present an unusual exhibition that transformed the entire city into an outdoor gallery. Organised by new gallery Spazio Tapirulan, the third edition of Affiche features 44 artworks by illustrator Jean Jullien. The hope is that not only will the traditional gallery-going audience enjoy seeing art in a different context, but that the work will also surprise and delight a number of people not expecting it.

The show features some humorous juxtapositions of artwork and landscape. Jullien’s portrait of a smiling couple whose breasts and bulging tummy interlock is placed next to road sign warning of speed bumps, and an image of a woman taking a snap of a forest is positioned in front of an equally verdant woodland (see Jullien’s Instagram snap of a woman taking a picture of the work for a thoroughly meta experience). It’s an exciting, inclusive way to present artwork, and an idea we hope to see replicated closer to home. Watch the video below.
An accompanying exhibition runs at Spazio Tapirulan until 27 September.

Affiche: Jean Jullien
Until 27 September 2015
Spazio Tapirulan, Cremona, Italy