Grand Draw

The second in a series of shorts by illustration agency Handsome Frank, A Little Film About… Jean Jullien provides insight into the French illustrator’s approach as well as a fine opportunity to watch him work. 

Large jean jullien

If you’ve been anywhere near London Underground in the past few months, you’ll be certain to have come across illustrator Jean Jullien’s distinctive work. With two enormous campaigns – one for Eurostar and the other for TFL itself – currently adorning pretty much every tube station in the capital, the French-born, London-based creative is very much the man of the minute. Illustration agency Handsome Frank have made a short film about Jullien and his work as part of their A Little Film About… series. Not only is it a nice opportunity to hear the illustrator talk about his own practice, but the film features three minutes of Jullien drawing freehand on everything from a clock and skateboards to the inside of a sun-dappled shed - a joy to watch.