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The Poundshop is rolling up to Brompton Design District tomorrow for its eighteenth outing, showcasing its new portable pop-up shop, the Poundshop Cart, and a whole host of covetable design-related bargains...

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Poundshop Cart by Andrew & Sitraka in collaboration with The Poundshop

If, like us, you love design but also love a bargain, then you won't want to miss the latest outing of The Poundshop, which opens this weekend as part of Brompton Design District. This time, alongside the characteristically covetable selection of goodies that will be on sale in their shop—the interior of which has been designed by Jeff Lambert and Yann Perusset—they will also be showcasing their latest project, The Poundshop Cart, a portable pop-up shop on wheels.

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Poundshop Cart by Andrew & Sitraka in collaboration with The Poundshop

The Poundshop Cart is a new project created by The Poundshop in collaboration with Andrew & Sitraka, offering a portable display and storage solution for market stalls, pop-up shops and other events where budding shopkeepers might look to sell their wares. Featuring a host of clever details and display options, the wooden cart promises to be light, manoeuvrable and adaptable—and if you or someone you know might be in the market for one, you're in luck, because The Poundshop are about to launch a Kickstarter for the carts this Monday, when they will become available for pre-order. Keep an eye on their website for more details.

Alongside the carts, this edition of The Poundshop will feature products for sale from artists and designers including Alice Bosc, The Children of Stars, Cotton Clara, East End Press, Lizzie for SMUG and RISOTTO, among many others. Here's a sneak peek at some of the things they'll have up for sale...

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Ceramic spoons | Rachel McGivern | £5

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Pencils | I AM I | £1

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House Boat Cards | Scout Editions | £1

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Card | Dicky Bird | £1

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Brass bookmarks | Nmarra | £5

The Poundshop 18
16 - 24 September 2017
15A Cromwell Place Mews

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Late night opening:
Thursday 21 September 2017
10am - 9pm