Draw Back

A last chance to catch the History of Drawing exhibition at Camberwell Space – over eighty years of the art of drawing from paper to digital. 

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Preliminary Notes to Self for the Making of The Brexit Tapestry, by Brigitte Mierau, 2018

The practice of drawing is not confined simply to pencil on paper – far from it – as this exhibition featuring work by sixty artists, spanning eighty years clearly demonstrates. Drawing encompasses a multitude of media, techniques and occupies space over two and three dimensions. The practice of drawing takes in mark-making with with paint, rubber, thread, plastic and wax, to name just a few of the materials in the work on show here. 

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Flow Study II, by Jennifer N. R. Smith, 2017

The history of drawing in this exhibition is told in the context of Camberwell College of Art, which has been influential in the practice and teaching of drawing since 1898. The College has produced 12 Turner Prize winners and acclaimed arts practitioners including Cathy de Monchaux, Mike Leigh, Howard Hodgkin and Maggi Hambling. 

Here, we see how innovation at Camberwell in the field of drawing has shaped debate and practice, and how artists at the College have explored the use of drawing in diverse fields such as technology, politics and science. 

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A Girl Smoking, by Alejandra Lopez Martinez, 2017

The exhibition includes work by historical artists (including Edward Ardizzione, R. B. Kitaj and David Hefner), right through to current students and teaching staff.

Catch the show before it closes on 16 February and you will also have the opportunity to admire the newly re-opened and designed Camberwell Space. 

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Notebook X, by Kimathi Donkor, 2014

The History of Drawing is at Camberwell Space until 16 February 2018.
There is a symposium event about drawing in education, 15 February 2–6pm. Find out more here. 

Camberwell Space
Camberwell College of The Arts
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