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An outdoor exhibition in Zurich by artist Beni Bischof is full of graphic diagrams about his life. But don't expect anything less than stinging levels of comic irony.

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Swiss artist Beni Bischof revels in a gleeful perversion of the art industry. His latest exhibition, Me, Myself & I at Tableau Zurich has been curated by art director and designer Marcus Kraft and represents the artist’s incursion into a space traditionally demarcated ‘graphic design’. Tableau Zurich is something of an ‘anti gallery’, presenting works in a public space using a series of outdoor poster hoardings, located not far from Stadelhofen train station and Kunsthaus Zurich. The project is founded and curated by Kraft and Bischof’s exhibition is the second in an ongoing programme of six-monthly installations.

Bischof is not an artist who’s work is restrained to a single medium, quite the opposite — you’re as likely to encounter mashed potato and mutilated found objects as a dissident approach to traditional painting in his art. 

Appropriately for the context, Me, Myself & I takes  the form of printed posters, featuring a humorous, ersatz mode of data visualisation, except the data here is jokey observation and the visualisation an ironic pun on the meaningless potential of diagrams. What is not to like about a graph representing the indices of cynicism and irony occurring before and after gin and tonic? 

Tableau Zurich
Beni Bischof

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