Craft Master

Monotype's week-long exhibition in East London opens today and promises visitors an unprecedented insight into the work of Britain's most revered typographer, Eric Gill.

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The Monotype Newsletter, featuring versions of Gill Sans that had been adapted for phototypesetting, 1967.

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The release of Gill Kayo (UltraBold) in the Monotype Newsletter No.27

Typophiles and enthusiasts alike should head to a new exhibition on the type designs of Eric Gill at the Truman Brewery in East London. Hosted by Monotype on the occasion of its new Gill Series of typefaces, it promises a rare glimpse of material from the Monotype Archive, as well as from the private collections of its partners, which include Penguin Books, Ditchling Museum and The Letterform Archive. On show will be extensive documentation of the type designer's Gill Sans typeface, including drawings, test prints and some of the original copper plates. During the exhibition, there will also be a series of interactive installations and workshops to add to the typographic fun.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 4 November, but take note that it only runs until Tuesday 10 November. Entry is free, but visitors need to register here.

On the evening of Friday 6 November there's also a chance to hear Phil Baines, David Pearson, Claire Mason, Sallie Morris and Terrance Weinzierl presenting their personal perspectives on the man and his work in Me and Mr. Gill, which promises to be a fascinating discussion. And, if that isn't enough to whet your appetite, there will also be a selection of type-inspired microbrews courtesy of exhibition partner The Five Points Brewing Company, which will no doubt help visitors appreciate Gill’s much-loved type designs even more.

The evening event is also free, but if you'd like to attend you'll need to register here.

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Drawings for Gill Sans Italic showing the increased slant and forms much closer to those finally released, 1929.

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Specimen for the newly released Gill Sans [Extra] Light, included with the Monotype Newsletter.

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An early test proof of Gill Sans Shadow No. 3.

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An early proof of Gill Shadow.

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Gill Sans details.

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Gill added lowercase letters to Gill Kayo in February 1933.

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Gill’s first sketches for Gill Kayo “Double elefans” from September 1932.

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Gill’s revised drawings from October 1932 show the Gill Kayo design that was finally produced.

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Monotype newsletter.

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In 1930 Gill investigated another weight of the Titling Caps by drawing over a proof set a few months earlier.

The Eric Gill Series 
4–10 November 2015
The Truman Brewery, London E1 6QL