Canine Culture

A magazine about dogs and culture may sound niche but delve into the latest issue of Four & Sons and you’ll soon forget the thought ever crossed your mind.

Large  four sons issuetwo cover square

Dogs may not quite enjoy the online popularity of cats yet but if Australia-based website and magazine Four & Sons has anything to do with it, they soon might. You won't find any memes here though, only gorgeous photography and such a variety of cultured canine content that even a cat person will find themselves absorbed.  

Now in its second issue, the magazine where ‘dogs and culture collide’ has again mastered the balance between unashamed adoration of man’s best friend and letting the dogs take us on a walk through a variety of cultural treats. Stunning photographs by artist William Wegman (who is one of the rare band of people to both capture their own dressed-up dogs on camera and to have those snaps in the collection of MoMA) features alongside an interview with Apartamento creative director Nacho Alegre (and his dog Lola), a dog-friendly city guide to Berlin and fiction by Amy Hempel - to mention a few highlights.

Perfect bound and with a satisfyingly heavy-duty card cover, Four & Sons bears testament to editor Marta Roca’s design background. The variation in background colours, photographic arrangements and the odd piece of elegantly over-sized typesetting keeps the magazine visually alive throughout. Meanwhile illustrations from Gemma O’Brien, Deborah Williams and Tobias Röttger provide a delightful and stylistically varied counterpoint to the quantity of photographic content. Those behind this biannual have certainly been keeping busy; one can only wonder at what they will come up with for the next issue.