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Your chance to bid for original artworks by a group of twenty-five world-class illustrators and help a worthy cause in the process...

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Damien Poulain

Illustrators including Damien Poulain, Jean Jullien, Sarah Boris and Hvass&Hannibal have made new works around the theme of bees, beekeeping and honey to support the charity The Honey Club, set up by branding agency Wolff Olins, youth charity Global Generation and social enterprise Urban Bees. Together they work on projects to support young people and the wider community of the Kings Cross Development. 

The Honey Club’s latest project is Beetopia, an exhibition and online auction of works by twenty-five top illustrators, to raise money for the charity. You can bid online for one-off pieces in mediums from collage, to screenprints, to digitally-printed sculpture, with prices starting fro £25. Bidding is already open so visit now for your chance to snap up a brilliant bee-themed artwork. View the artworks at the Guardian Gallery in Kings Cross. The auction closes a minute before midnight on 18 August 2014.