Buoy Zone

Artist Fiona Banner hits the South Coast this weekend with Buoys Boys, a dramatic typographic installation on the roof of the De la Warr Pavilion which forms part of the ROOT 1066 International Festival.

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Fiona Banner with Buoys Boys (detail), 2016, Full Stop Inflatable, Courier

Whatever the medium employed, Fiona Banner's work always demands attention. From her early works (known as 'still films‘) which featured entire movie narratives written in longhand, to the Arsewoman in Wonderland billboard which appeared as part of her Turner Prize nomination and described a porn film from start to finish, text and the themes of conflict and language are at the very heart of her artistic practice.

As part of its continuing series of exhibitions looking at the interplay of text and image, the De La Warr Pavilion hosts Banner's latest immersive installation, Buoys Boys. Taking place both inside the gallery, and outside on the roof (on two days only), it explores and develops further the artist's Full Stop series of sculptures. Previously realised in polystyrene and bronze and using 3-D full stops from different typefaces including Helvetica, Capitalist, Courier and Bookman, for Buoys Boys they will appear as large inflatables. These feature in an expansive window display, around the gallery and the pavilion and on the roof (on Saturday 24 September for the opening of the exhibition and again on Sunday 16 October for the closing of the ROOT 1066 International Festival).

Fiona Banner explains "The full stop inflatables have the English Channel as backdrop. They are big black empty texts in one way, just floating buoys in another. There’s something beautiful but also dark about the channel, the only time Britain has been invaded was across this stretch of water in 1066, the same stretch that migrants are crossing today – it's what separates us from mainland Europe. Normally my work is verbally very dense, the full stop sculptures have the sense of a need to communicate in words but the impossibility of doing that sometimes."

Established in 1997, Banner’s publishing initiative The Vanity Press, has always played an important part of her practice. Many of her published pieces are on show in the gallery, including the tongue-in-cheek Font Book, and a selection of her film projects can also be viewed as a series of large projections.

On Saturday 24 September there's a chance to hear Fiona Banner talk about her work, processes and the exhibition – tickets are just £7 and can be booked here.

See more of Fiona Banner's work at fionabanner.com

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Fiona Banner_Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling, 2015_Photography courtesy Tim Bowditch and DRAF

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Boys Found image courtesy Archive of Modern Conflict London

Buoys Boys by Fiona Banner
24 September 2016 – 7 January 2017

De La Warr Pavilion
Marina, Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex TN40 1DP.