Bright Future

Studio Output has teamed up with digital production company Engage to launch Future15, a new two-week event that explores technology trends, how our relationships with electronics are changing and allows you to get hands-on with robots.

Oculus Rift, 3D-printing, Google Glass, holograms and wearable computers that know more about you than you do: sometimes the present feels like a cross between Start Trek and a re-run of Tomorrow’s World. New two-week event Future15, run by Studio Output and digital production company Engage, aims to give participants a hands-on experience of the plethora of new technologies that have emerged in the past year with the framework of using these innovations to change how brands interact with their customers.

Future15 will be split into two sections. From a life-sized humanoid robot called RoboThespian to virtual reality headsets, the Future15 Demo Studio is about having a go with these technologies and learning about their potential. Just some of the studios involved include Novalia (who use conductive print to create interactive posters), digital artists FIELD, and interactive-focused agencies Kin and Moritz Waldemeyer Studio.

The second part of Future15 will consists of a series of talks and workshops covering branding in a post-digital age, the future of visual storytelling and trends for 2015. Studio Output has made a short film about what to expect from the fortnight as well as interviews with the exciting practitioners involved, which you can watch below.

9-20 February 2015
FLUX Innovation Lounge, London