Question Marque

In this Letterform piece from Grafik 188, Zak Kyes and Radim Pesko introduce us to the idiosynchratic interfinity mark.

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An interfinity question is a question that has both an infinite number of answers and no answer at all. Interfinity allows opposites to coexist. It could be said that an interfinity question is always more interesting than its response; and, conversely, that the response to an interfinity question is always more interesting that the question itself.

In written conversation the interfinity mark indicates that the question should be understood on a secondary level in which interrogative and infinite expressions are combined. The interfinity mark differs from the short-lived percontation point, invented in the late sixteenth century to indicate rhetorical questions, in that it denotes everlasting and ever-occurring questions:

Is there life beyond planet Earth?
Does God exist?
Am I awake or am I dreaming?
Is there life after death?
What is the meaning of life?
Was this article helpful to you?
Where do you find your inspiration?
What is your dream project?
What are your unrealised projects?
Are you happy?
But why?

In a typographic sense, the interfinity mark can be described as an interrogative punctuation mark formed by superimposing a vertical infinity mark (∞) with a question mark (?).

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