Screen Time

In the first instalment of our new regular feature profiling the movers and shakers of the print world, we catch up with Steve Fachiri and the team at Harvey Lloyd Screens...

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Today we're pleased to introduce a new regular feature on Grafik—Industry People. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be interviewing the movers and shakers of the print and production world, and taking a closer look at the work that they do to bring designers’ ideas into reality. For today's first instalment, we catch up with Steve Fachiri and the team at Harvey Lloyd Screens, East Sussex-based purveyors of screen-printed excellence who relish a challenge...

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Tell us what you do in one sentence...
Harvey Lloyd is a screen-print workshop based in Wadhurst, East Sussex; we work with graphic designers, illustrators and artists on a wide variety of print projects. We print on many different materials: paper, acrylics, metals, wood, the choice is endless.

What's your professional background?
We were established just over forty years ago—we started by printing t-shirts for friends’ bands. It developed from there.

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Work Hard & Be Shit To People, by Mr Bingo and Anthony Burrill

Describe a typical working day...
Each day is different, depending on what we are working on. We can either be working through a large print run or spending time experimenting with different materials and techniques. We start early and get everything organised in the workshop. Replying to queries over email can take a while—chatting with suppliers, researching materials, this all takes time but is an important part of our day. Today we’ve been preparing screens for a new edition of prints for Anthony Burrill, who will be joining us later in the day. It’s good when we have designers and artists working alongside us in the workshop, it speeds up the project and allows everybody to explore the process and to test out new ideas.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with graphic designers, illustrators and artists. We like to develop working relationships, that grow over time. Our open and experimental nature helps develop interesting work.

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Advent Calendar, by Mr Bingo

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About The Young Idea, by Anthony Burrill

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Has your job changed much in the last few years?
We’ve noticed an increase in the appreciation of the tactile qualities of screen print. Digital print lacks the hand crafted quality that we achieve in our work. Our clients come to us because of our approach to screen-printing, we’re keen to explore and push the process to achieve unique results. We love to collaborate and feel the best work comes out of good working relationships with our clients.

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What's the most challenging part of your job?
Finding creative ways to achieve what is seemingly impossible. We recently worked with designer Sara de Bondt to produce a set of invitations for an event at the V&A. Sara wanted the card to physically rust over time. We developed a way of printing with iron filings and water to produce the effect Sara wanted to achieve. Every card was different and very tactile.

And what's the most enjoyable?
Seeing a print project come to life from initial ideas to a finished product. Our work is based on conversations, finding out interesting ways of working and encouraging experimentation.

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Memory Palace invitation, by Sara de Bondt

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Memory Palace invitation, by Sara de Bondt

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Unit Live poster, by Spin

If you weren't working in the world of print, what would you be doing?
Perhaps some wood carving and whittling, I’ve always enjoyed making things.  

Tell us about a recent project you really enjoyed working on
We enjoyed a recent project for Unit Editions producing posters for a ‘Unit Live’ talk at Logan Hall. We worked with Spin to produce a simple poster design based on a vinyl record. From that we produced a hundred unique posters, applying the ink with a painterly technique. Callin, a designer from Spin, joined us in the studio for the day and helped direct the process. We achieved what we were asked to do and ended up with every poster being individual. It was great fun to be creative and experiment with different techniques.

What are your ambitions for the coming year?
To encourage more artists and designers to join us in the studio, let their hair down and find out what’s possible with screen printing.