Grid Botherers

One of the first projects by Astrid Stavro that Grafik featured (in 2005) were the ingenious Grid-It! notepads created with fellow RCA student Birgit Pfisterer, which were based on grids from classic design books.

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Photo by Richard Learoyd

Every now and again an idea comes along that you would give your Otl Aicher poster collection to have thought of yourself (well, almost). 
In August (2005) we featured just such a nugget of genius in the form of Astrid Stavro and Birgit Pfisterer’s Grid-It! Notepads.

The notepads feature the design grids of various landmark publications, including the Gutenberg Bible and Jan Tschichold’s Die Neue Typographie. They are an ingenious take on the humble notepad and if you can bring yourself to tear off the wrapping and actually lay ink on them, you might also pick up a little grid education along the way. After completely selling out of the first edition, Grid-it! is due to be reprinted with two extra titles in 2006.

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The Grid-it! notebook range

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Grid-it! detail

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Grid-it! detail