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The Letterform Archive is coming to London this week with an unmissable pop-up exhibition for the London Design Festival, examining the working processes of renowned designers including Eric Gill, Piet Zwart, W. A. Dwiggins and Herbert Matter... 

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Based in San Francisco, the Letterform Archive is a treasure trove of graphic artefacts, containing more than 40,000 items that chart the history of lettering, typography, calligraphy and graphic design. This week the Archive will be exhibiting in the UK for the first time, as part of the London Design Festival, presenting a pop-up exhibition hosted by the Bankside Design District that explores analog production within graphic design, and showcases work created by designers before the final outcome of a project is complete.

Graphic Design Process: Analog Artifacts of Experimentation, Development, & Production will draw upon the Archive's extensive collections, to offer a rare glimpse of the works-in-progress that form an important part of the design process as precursors to the finished works. Sketches, roughs, drawings and paste-ups from designers including Eric Gill, W. A. Dwiggins, Piet Zwart, Edward Johnson and Herbert Matter will be on display in the exhibition; alongside, Letterform Archive founder Rob Saunders and Librarian Amelia Grounds will be holding walkthroughs, gallery talks and panel discussions exploring modes of analog production, the preservation of tactile calligraphic and typographic traditions, and approaches to the archiving of graphic history.

The beautiful images shown here offer a preview of the type of work that will be on show within the exhibition; they are pen and pencil sketches and cut paper and gouache maquettes for a logotype for Moon over Easthampton, by Herbert Matter, created in the 1960s.

Graphic Design Process: Analog Artifacts of Experimentation, Development, & Production is open from today until Sunday 24 September, with events and talks running alongside. See the London Design Festival website for more information.

Graphic Design Process: Analog Artifacts of Experimentation, Development, and Production
Exhibition at Devonshire House
Hosted by Bankside Design District
Wednesday–Sunday, September 20–24, 2017

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