Life Lessons

Ages of Us is a fascinating new photographic exhibition by Dylan Collard featuring 165 people shot over eighteen days in twenty-three different locations around California.

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Wieke Betten, 30, Asilomar Beach CA

The results of an eighteen-day California road trip spanning over 3000 miles, Ages of Us is a photography and audio project which aims to explore youth, middle and old age and how our hopes and dreams change as we journey through life.

Starting and finishing in LA, photographer Dylan Collard travelled through some of the most popular tourist spots in Southern California. Willing participants were asked to sit on the same distinctive green bench, with 0-25 year-olds in the seat to the left of the shot, 25-50 year-olds in the centre, and those over fifty on the right. Everyone was asked the same questions regarding their past, present and future and the results were recorded – transcripts of the interviews appear in a book which will accompany the exhibition. Peoples' stories and backgrounds are as varied as their ages, and the California landscapes provide a stunning backdrop to these candid shots.

The prints will go on show in the gallery space below ad agency Mother's Shoreditch HQ. The green bench will also make an appearance at the exhibition's private view, where guests will be invited to answer the same three questions and have their picture taken against a Californian backdrop. The results will be aded to the Ages of Us website and form part of the project.

Ages of Us
Dylan Collard
1-13 February  2016
Downstairs at Mother
10 Redchurch St
London E2 7DD

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Cassie Thistle, 29, Yosemite National Park

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Olivia Roberts, 18, Rim Of The World, Stanislaus National Forest

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Keegan Donovan, 29, Death Valley

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Yanna In’tveld, 19, Red Rock Canyon (Blue Diamond Road)

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Maliea Stewart, 25, Red Rock Canyon Overlook

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Dan Blacksmith, age unknown, Ludlow CA

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Heidi and Jane Grunt, 33, 53, 74, Joshua Tree