Big Weekender

Cheer yourself up this weekend with an exhibition or two—here's our roundup of all the good stuff opening over the next few days...

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Inventory Press © Project Projects

Designers & Books Festival: Onstage and Offstage
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Saturday 12 November
If you happen to be in NYC this Saturday, you're in for a treat—the Designers & Books Festival, a one-day conference celebrating the relationship between books and the creative community. Hosted by Stephen Heller, who knows a thing or two on the subject, the day will be filled with panel discussions covering everything from the critical importance of the archive, to the recent publishing trend for facsimilie editions of out-of-print classics. Panel participants include Julie Lasky, Jason Long of OMA, Adam Michaels of Project Projects, and many more. Subtitled 'Onstage & Offstage', the event encourages discussion within the audience as well as amongst panel speakers, offering the opportunity for visiting book lovers to get involved. Best of all, it's free to attend!

Visual Noise
Studio Small & East at Protein Studios
11-13 November

This month, Studio Small has teamed up with East to present a photographic exhibition that explores visual representations of the intangible. They've invited six artists—Jess Bonham + Anna Lomax, Linda Brownlee, Leandro Farina, Ryan Lowry and Owen Silverwood—to respond to the theme with work that expresses abstraction, noise, chaos, rhythm and commotion, and the result is a range of works that subvert the photographic form in intriguing ways. There's also a book to accompany the exhibition, which will be available to take away. The show is open at Protein Studios for three days from today, so get in there quick.

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Alexander Rodchenko, Shukov Tower, 1920. The Sir Elton John Photographic Collection © A. Rodchenko & V. Stepanova Archive, DACS, RAO 2016

The Radical Eye:
Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection

Tate Modern, London
Until 7 May 2017

Elton John might not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to collections of groundbreaking Modernist photography, but it turns out the bespectacled one has accumulated a staggering cache of photographic works over the years. A range of photographs from his collection are on display this winter in a major Tate Modern exhibition, offering visitors the chance to see rare vintage prints from the likes of Man Ray, Dorothea Lange and Alexander Rodchenko. It's an unexpected and diverse selection of some of the most important works of photography of the twentieth century.

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Patrick Caulfield, The Register, 1993 (detail)

Patrick Caulfield: Stillness & Drama
The Approach, London
Until 11th December
A selection of Patrick Caulfield's quintessentially British still-life paintings are on show this month at The Approach, in conjunction with Waddington Custot Gallery. The artist is known for his fascination with our social environment, and the domestic objects people surround themselves with—for this exhibition, the curators have chosen a particularly graphic, melancholy and slightly nostalgic range of works whose atmosphere is amplified by their surroundings. The Approach gallery also happens to be located above a pub, The Approach Tavern, so you can follow up your visit to the exhibition with a well-deserved afternoon pint or two...