Six Books

The first in a new regular film feature on, Six Books lets you flick through the new titles that have caught our eye, from a cookbook inspired by Martin Scorsese to a monograph dedicated to artist Douglas Coupland.

Featured books:

Cooking with Scorsese, Edited by Hato, Published by Hato Press, £7.99
Iron-cooked ham and cheese sandwiches, cailles en sarcophagi, explosive pissing beef balls, this book pays homage to some of the delicacies of Scorsese’s canon in a suitably unexpected fashion.

112 Hours by Rian Hughes, Self-published, £9.95
Inspired by a myriad of sources (clock faces, tickets, watches, house numbers), this book is type designer Rian Hughes' fifteenth collection of fonts – this time focusing on numbers.

Time Flies When You’re Being Rude by Rude, Self-published, £35 Illustration and design studio Rude shares tales of good times, over-expansion, going bust and its resurrection, as well as a lot of the colourful projects created along the way.

Sketchbook by Hansje van Halem, Published by Uitgeverij De Buitenkant, €95
An excellent collection of commissioned, applied, self-generated, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, motifs and experiments from Dutch graphic designer Hansje van Halem's sketchbooks.

Douglas Coupland: Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything, Black Dog Publishing, £24.95
The first monograph to provide a comprehensive overview of this bestselling author, designer and artist’s visual art practice.

Hello, I am Erik: Erik Spiekermann: Typographer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Edited by Johannes Erler, Gestalten, £40
A visual biography of probably the most famous living type designer, including contributions from Michael Bierut, Neville Brody, Mirko Borsche, Wally Olins and Stefan Sagmeister.

Music by James Bennett.