Magic Eight

The next publication from Unit Editions, which is fundraising now, offers readers the chance to get their hands on a reproduction of all eight issues of the legendary graphic design magazine Octavo...

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Octavo, International Journal of Typography, has long been considered one of the most significant and intelligent graphic design magazines of the past forty years. Published from 1986 to 1992, its eight editions explored the visual and experimental potential of typography, challenging the established conventions of the British graphic design landscape of their time and embodying the singular ethos of creators Mark Holt, Simon Johnston, Hamish Muir, and Michael Burke. Copies of the journal have been eagerly sought after for many years, but getting your hands on a copy has always been notoriously difficult, and meant parting with a significant wodge of cash. Enter Unit Editions, whose latest publication Octavo Redux sets out to reproduce every issue in its entirety, and then some.

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Designed and edited by Mark Holt and Hamish Muir themselves, the new book will feature full-scale reproductions of all seven printed issues of Octavo, alongside packaging and screenshots of the CD-ROM that comprised the magazine's eighth and final issue. This will be accompanied by reproductions of the prototypes and draft pages produced during the creation of each issue, documenting the editors' laborious and detailed hand-written editing process. In true Unit Editions style, it promises to be lavishly produced, featuring CMYK Kaleido Japanese inks, two additional spot colours, mirrored endpapers and a translucent dust jacket.

Unit Editions are currently fundraising for the project over on Kickstarter, in what seems to be an increasingly popular approach for publishers aiming to produce particularly sought-after or high-spec books. With over three weeks until the campaign deadline, there are plenty of different pledge rewards available, so if you fancy getting your hands on a slice of graphic design history, get to it.

Unit Editions: Octavo Redux on Kickstarter

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